Interact with a Realm

Once you've created your gno wallet and got testnet tokens, you can start interacting with Realms (gnoland smart contracts).

In this tutorial, we will use the /r/users and r/boards realms.

Register your Gno user

Head to the /r/users board to check the list of accounts registered on the /r/users realm.

To register your profile, use the Register function, and fill in:

  • Inviter: the gnoland address of the account that invited you
  • Name: the name of your account (must be at least 6 characters)
  • Profile: your profile description

If you do not have an invite, you can still register by paying the register transaction 200 gnot.

Create and post on your board

Let's now create a board to discuss on using the CreateBoard function.

Before posting our first post, we need to retrieve the board id, using the GetBoardIdFromName function.

Finally, we can create a first post with the CreateThread function.