Gnoland is still in its early phases and is actively looking for contributors. Wether you are technical or not, they are multiple ways to contribute to the Gno ecosystem.

Game of Realms

Game of Realms has been announced on mid-Jan 2023 and aims to incentivise contributions in 2 phases with a total prize pool of 133,700 ATOM.

  1. Phase 1 (1/3 of the prize pool) is focused on the creation of resources for the ecosystem: documentation, interactive tutorials and any technical / non-technical content that helps people enter the ecosystem.
  2. Phase 2 (2/3 of the prize pool) will be focused on certain challenges that will be announced. Developers will be expected to compete for the best solution to each challenge to be rewarded.

The phase 1 is currently ongoing!

Gnolang Core

You can contribute directly to the Gnolang core (standard libraries, GnoVM etc.) by starting with the labelled Good First issues and making your first contributions to the ecosystem.

They are other challenges you can focus on like:

  • helping Gnolang std lib be as complete as the Golang one
  • making Gnolang concurrency work deterministically
  • secure and test the GnoVM, with fuzzing for example
  • make the gnodev cli even better

Other Contribution ideas

  • libraries / packages in different languages to make easy RPC queries from a frontend
  • an Open Source wallet
  • an Open Source block explorer
  • governance contracts for DAOs
  • DeFi packages to help build AMMs, pools etc
  • implement missing ERCs in Gno
  • translate some docs

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